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The Values of our School



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The Aims of our School

To secure a happy, caring and welcoming community where noticeable respect and co-operation exists between children, staff, parents and the community. 

To foster positive attitudes towards learning, encouraging children to become independent, autonomous and co-operative, in order to equip them to address the challenges of everyday life. 
To provide a stimulating and lively environment in order to motivate the children, extend their natural curiosity and encourage them to achieve high standards. 
To establish systems of monitoring and evaluation that enable effective ongoing development of the school.
To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that takes account of each child‟s individuality and particular needs helping them to achieve their potential. 
To promote a developing awareness that the school is part of a wider community and to involve the children in matters of care and concern for both their immediate environment and for wider global issues. 




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