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Autumn 2017

Our first topic in Year 1 was Gimme 5! We read Handa’s surprise and used it as our model text to help us craft our own stories. We looked at an atlas and found where Handa lives then compared what it is like in Africa to England.

In maths we have been counting to 30 and recognising the numbers in numerals and words. Using different resources, such as 10Ps and 1Ps, we have been making teen numbers and working out which number is bigger or smaller.  We have also been playing games to help us with our understanding of ordinal numbers.

We built dens like the homes in Handa’s village.

After looking at the parts of a plant we can eat, we tasted the food from Handa’s basket. We enjoyed some flavours more than others! We also used a Venn diagram to sort the foods traditionally grown in Africa and those in England.

In PE we learnt some African dancing, which was lots of fun and hot work!

We have used the laptops to access different software; we have played games on Phonics Play to practise our sounds, we have used Purplemash to create some beautiful gardens and we have practised applying our maths skills by using Abacus Active Learn.

We planted and grew cress heads then visited the allotments to see plants growing here in England.

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