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W e love recycling

E co friendly, that’s us!

S chool is clean and tidy

T remendous natural surroundings

B eing kind to all animals, big or small

O ur wildlife area is very safe for animals to come and live

U nfriendliness to animals is banned!

R espectful to our school

N ature caring

E nvironmental awareness


S chool is home to bugs

C areful with animals

H appy Eco Champions

O pen where people can see nature

O ur school is proud of the way we care for the environment

L oves nature!


Winners of the Bronze Award 2015


Bird Box Project 2015

Bird Box Project

Westbourne Primary School has signed up to the Bird Box Project to give nature a home. We have put a bird box with a webcam in our school grounds where hopefully a bird will come and nest so we can watch the process. There is a website where you can watch our live webcam and those of other schools that are part of the project. The website also has lots of facts about birds and more information about the activities that classes are taking part in.




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