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W e love recycling

E co friendly, that’s us!

S chool is clean and tidy

T remendous natural surroundings

B eing kind to all animals, big or small

O ur wildlife area is very safe for animals to come and live

U nfriendliness to animals is banned!

R espectful to our school

N ature caring

E nvironmental awareness


S chool is home to bugs

C areful with animals

H appy Eco Champions

O pen where people can see nature

O ur school is proud of the way we care for the environment

L oves nature!

Meeting Minutes

Next meeting - Monday 15th October 2018

2018/2019 Committee Members

Year 1    Lucy Cassford        Felix James

Year 2    Alexander Lennon   Isla Scott

Year 3    Holly Birdsall          Caleb Lloyd

Year 4    Mikey Stephens      Neve Moyler

Year 5    Erin Scott               Megan May

Year 6    Ruari Eaton    


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