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Science Week

Science Week 2017 at Westbourne Primary School

Year R experimented with colour by mixing food colouring with milk. They also watched the change in chocolate when melting it then used it to make Easter cakes!

Year 1 used food colouring to learn how water travels up through the stem of a plant. They also went outside to find the colours of spring and wrote wonderful poems about what they found.

Year 2 put jelly Easter Bunnies into vinegar, salt water, tap water and fizzy water to see what happened. They practised making predictions about what change might happen.

Year 3 investigated how Smarties change when you put them in water and learned about changing variables in a test but managing to keep it fair. They also changed the solution in order to get an egg to float!

Year 4 investigated change through making Boogie Gloop!

Year 5 grew mould gardens and observed them daily. They also investigated change by blowing up lunch bags!

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a chemist come in and talk to them about changes in water and what minerals in water make water either hard or soft.

Whole school house challenge

During Science Week the children took part in a whole school Spaghetti Structure challenge. They had to help the Easter Bunny by building a structure to hold an Easter Egg using only a handful of dried spaghetti and ten marshmallows! Through excellent team work, many structures were successfully built and tested in front of the whole school. The Easter Bunny was extremely grateful for all their help!

Year 1 Changes of Spring and Flowers to Dye for

Year 2 Gummy Rabbit Experiment

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