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Starting School September 2018

Thank you for applying to Westbourne Primary School for your child starting in September.

You should have received your welcome pack and this must be returned to school no later than Monday 4th June.

On Wednesday 4th July we would like to invite you to a morning/afternoon session (letters to follow) whereby you will meet the teachers, school nurses, PTA, and have a chance to taste the meals provided by Chartwells.

Looking forward to meeting you then.

Mrs Bowen
School Secretary

Important Information

You must apply on time.

It is very important that you apply before the closing date of Monday 15 January 2018;you cannot apply online after this date.

If your application is received after the closing date of Monday 15 January 2018 you serioulsy disadvantage yourchances of gaining a place at on e of preference schools.

Applications received after the closing date of Mnday 15 January 2018 are late applications and will only be considered after all those that were received on time.

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your application is received by The Pupil Admission Team on time.

Admissions - Key Dates

  • Monday 2 October 2017

Online applications open.  You must provide an email address to apply online.  You can apply online for your child's school place by visiting www.westussexgov.uk/admissions

Westbourne Primary School's prospectus can be found on our website.  You can contact the office on 01243 372726 and speak to Mrs Bowen to arrange an appointment to visit the school.

  • Monday 15 January 2018

National closing date for starting school applications. 

You must submit your completed application by this date, failure to do so will seriously disadvantage your application.

  • Monday 16 April 2018

Online applications are notified by email, and others by second class post, which school their child is offered.

Your Preferences

We advise all parents to think very carefully aboutn their three preferences and to use them wisely.

School places are allocated according to the published oversubscription criteria for that school.  This can include criteria such as whether you live in the catchment area, whether there are siblings already at the school and the distance you live from the school.

Please be realistic in your preferences. You have a higher priority for local schools.  If you choose an oversubscribed shcool, the further away you live the less likely you ar to be offeres a place.

Please note that personal circumstances, such as child care arrangement, are not part of the oversubscription criteria for any school and will not be taken into consideration.

Finally, we always advice parents to include their catchment school as one of their three preferences.

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